How We Do It

When Cannabusters is atomized into any odorous airstream – Iodine 2 goes to work.  Every molecule of organic odor is oxidized or dismantled upon contact when I2 breaks the carbon connection.  That odorous molecule is changed in composition and will never smell again.

Why Cannabusters is the best solution for your facility:

As cannabis is legalized across the country, odor mitigation is increasingly part of permitting processes and requirements.  While there are many odor control products competing in the space – only Cannabusters will eliminate odor without masking or fragrance.  Fragrance is the most costly ingredient in any product, we are therefore a fraction of any competitor’s cost!

We are skilled and experienced in proposing, designing, and installing delivery systems tailored to your facilities needs.  In both CAPEX and OPEX costs, we deliver legendary VALUE and SERVICE.  Our commitment is to take odor issue concerns out of the picture at your facility – now, and into the future!

Contact us today and allow us to eliminate odor and odor concerns at your facility!

Open, Semi Closed & Closed Loop Facilities

Cannabuster is applied with a high-pressure fog on air extraction points like roof vents and exhaust fans. Cannabuster is a liquid concentrate that is diluted using a mechanical diaphragm metering pump that can be set for precise and accurate metering control.

The pump has optional variable frequency so can be tied into the climate controller. The high-pressure pump then delivers the product to the high-pressure nozzles.

Each Cannabuster distribution system is custom designed for your project using the best materials, like stainless steel distribution lines and nozzles, for a lifetime of problem free service.